Occupational Safety and Health Award – Enterprise Benchmarking Reward

On November 8, 2016, we honorably received the “Occupational Safety and Health Award – Enterprise Benchmarking Award” presented by the Ministry of Labor, and colleagues of Great Eastern Resin all participated in the ceremony with joy for receiving such remarkable achievements of joint effort and honor. We are grateful for the recognition by society and will continue with our efforts in the mission of safety and environmental protection as well as making contributions to the society and the world with our best efforts.


Sharing of industrial safety implementation process of Great Eastern Resins:
Safety is an investment
Safety is an extra burden?Or is it an extra contribution?In terms of corporate business operations, it has not been settled with a final answer.
Most people believe that safety is an extra cost and burden, which is not helpful to the business growth. However, according to statistical studies, there are approximately 30% of companies suffering from major disasters and incidents that are able to continue their business operations and 70% of companies vanish from the industry due to disasters and accidents.

Great Eastern Resins firmly believes that “Safety can create unexpected contributions”. Despite the fact that the cost may be increased in the short term, nonetheless, in the long term, with the manufacturing process being safely protected, the quality, yield rate and efficiency can also be increased. With regard to the company business operations, we believe that only safety can provide a solid support to a company. With investments on safety, we are able to establish trust, with customers having faith in the stable supply of our products in order to create business revenues and profits under continuous cooperation. In fact, the achievements accomplished by Great Eastern Resins in the recent years have proved that with the great contribution and effort on safety made by the company in the long term, acceptance and support of customers have been successfully obtained, which further proves that the company’s belief on “safety is an advantageous investment rather an extra burden”. With the safety of the working environment, the lives and properties of employees can be secured such that employees can create their own values and accomplishments at work without worries, which also ensures the stability of families and society.

Great Eastern Resins’ commitment to the importance of safety has been consistent for the past years and we have continuously exerted great efforts towards employee safety and environmental protection. In addition, we have not only followed regulations and obtained numerous safety and environmental protection certificates with content but have also actively engaged in corporations with experts in the field of international industrial safety in order to gain greater knowledge and experience in the maintenance of industrial safety and environmental protection. We will continue to advance further based on the principle of protecting both “man” and “environment”. Looking into the future, Great Eastern Resins will not be satisfied with the current achievements but will continue to believe that safety is in a way similar to a train on a long lasting railway waiting for greater exploration and heading towards a brighter future once started; therefore, we seek to gain more safety protection.
We also truly believe that the improvement of a safety culture and benefits serve as the fundamental and solid supports for the business development of the company.