GRECO: Core value centers on sustainability

Source:Ringier Plastics
Date Published:9/29/2016 11:09:42 AM
Duke Shih, Sales Department Manager at GRECO, talks about the developments in Taiwan's plastics industry and how the company has met the trend toward sustainability and cost reduction.

GRECO (Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co., Ltd) is a leading manufacturer of plastic resins in Taiwan and plays an iconic role in the development of Taiwan’s plastics industry. At the recent TaipeiPlas 2016, the exhibition area of GRECO very much reflected the company’s accomplishments in the past 60 years since its establishments and these were evident to the visitors who viewed the products exhibited. First, GRECO created history in this important segment of the industry, and second, the company has sustained its position as a pioneer in the development of plastic materials. As Duke Shih, Sales Department Manager, explained: “What we see here is a successful heritage of the company, a core value - whether seen in the performance of the company’s employees or on the quality of the products we have been known for.” 

Continuous innovations
The plastics industry is facing a period of transition and has been impacted by various factors, among them, environmental concerns and the diverse needs of the consumers. In this scenario, raw material suppliers are being placed in the frontline to overcome the long-term struggle to protect the welfare of the consumers while maintaining their competency and profitability.   

GRECO at present is devoted to the promotion of water-based PU adhesives, (ISOTHANE) TPU resins, dry-film Photoresists, and special chemicals required by its clients. Having one of the most advanced laboratories among TPU companies and with a widest TPU product portfolio, GRECO can offer shore hardness from 45A to 85D which is the widest hardness range available from a supplier.  The product variety includes: Bio-based Grades, Biocompatible Grades, Anti-Static Grade: (Surface resistivity 108~109 Ω/sq ), engineering Grades (80 ~85 Shoer D), Flame Retardant Halogen Free Grade: UL: V0, 5VA, and so on. 

The importance of TPU resins lies on it complying to environment-friendly requirements, which is turning into one of the main trends in the manufacturing industry. On its water-based PU adhesives, Mr. Shih claims that GRECO is second to Bayer which supplies this product in the footwear sector.  Another key development is the addition of TPU and special chemicals to GRECO’s production as part of the company’s major development plan in the year 2004. Since then, GRECO impressed the global market with its high profile and cooperation in almost all the brands in the shoe industry. 

New applications drive growth
Exploring a numbers of fields in the application of plastics, Mr. Shih also shared the exciting projects that GRECO is presently experimenting on - including a number of new materials that are expected to become base of new products. GRECO is actively developing a combination of long glass fiber in composites, becoming the first in Taiwan to be committed in the R&D of the new technology. The benefits of this new material are particularly noted in its strength and durability as its rigidity is 40% stronger than aluminum. The next critical step for GRECO is entering its niche market - the booming automotive sector, where lightweighting has expanded the use of plastics. GRECO sees itself as an innovator in composites as it helps create high value-added products into this new era of transportation technology.

The other applications for GRECO products are medical and machine tools sectors. The company is committed toward producing sustainable and safe products for physiotherapy. The materials GRECO develop will be used in splint via the Bone-Fix® series. Products such as Bone-Fix® is a symbol of merging medical and plastics innovations to enhance products that will boost the welfare of patients and make the road to recovery and good health more convenient and faster.    

As Mr. Shih put it: “GRECO genuinely values the idea of sustainability. Our production and whole operations abide by the strictest environmental standard, as we are in control of pollution during production.” GRECO has transformed a plastics factory into a green and modern business that would sustain the challenges of time and environmental issues. At K 2016, GRECO is exhibiting at  booth 72B11.