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GRECO provides water-based PU for both top and bonding layers which is a great solution to convert solvent based into solvent-free process. It can be used for sports shoes,sports goods,surface coating of safety toys, automotive,as well as sofa leathers.

W/B PU for the top layer


High-strength grades

High mechanical strength, good hydrolysis resistance and easy-to-use
*Suitable for sports shoes, sports good


Weather-resistance grades

High durability, good wear resistant and easy-to-use. Suitable for wet-process .
*Suitable for automotive leather, sofa, and luggage

W/B PU for bonding layer


Wet process type

Excellent hydrolysis resistance, good resistance to strong alkali soaking, softness.
*Applicable to breathable materials(non-woven, woven, and micro fabric)


Dry process type

Capable for heat press process, high bonding strength, and easy to use good hydrolysis resistance, meets NIKE G-57 standard.
*combination of TPU film and top layer


ApplicationItem No.PartProcessJungle Test
Peel strength
Bally flex
NaOH 10%
(NIKE G57)
Solid contant
Sports shoes SL-501T Top layer Roll coating 3~4 >5 >100000  >24HR ~45%  
SL-501A Bond layer Roll coating 2~3 >5 >100000   48~50% Dry/wet process
Top coat for
toy ball
6801 Top layer Spray 3~4    >24HR ~45%  
SL-590T Top layer Roll coating 8~10 >2 >100000  >72HR ~45% *High temperature resistance:500 hrs at 120℃
*Rubbing Test(JIS 6404-6)with 1Kg>10000
*Toyota abrasion test: >6000
SL-590A Bond layer Roll coating 8~10 >2 >100000   ~50% Wet lamination
Sofa leather SL-561T Top layer Roll coating 6~8 >2 >100000  >24HR ~45%  
SL-561A Bond layer Roll coating 6~8 >2 >100000   ~50% Wet lamination

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