• Achieving Innovation, Outlasting Century's

      Time travel into the future and past with GRECO Time Machine

      2015 All staff consensus event

    • Recall Time

      Recall the 10 team-building themes and activities that had held in the past by riding the GRECO Time Machine together.

    • Historic Glories

      There are five categories of GRECO knowledge extracted from the past 60 years, including humanity, geography, event, product, and cheesy knowledge. All partners will have better understanding of GRECO history while playing the game.

    • King GRECO

      GRECO insists on “Innovation, Teamwork, and Sustainability”for continuous breakthrouht an growth. GRECO’s Way : Group, Responsibility, Effectivity, Creativity, Optimization.

    • Thanks and Inheritance

      Every partner is the member of the GRECO team, we have to cherish what assets we owned currently and open a thriving chapter for GRECO. It’s what we called “Thanks and Inheritance.”