About -Milestones

About -Milestones


Great Eastern Chemical Ltd, the predecessor of GRECO was founded by Mr. Teng-Mao Liao at Fu- Hsing Road, Taichung. It was the first manufacturing company in Taiwan built specifically to produce adhesives for the shoe industry.

Great Eastern Chemical Ltd


The Company was restructured to became "Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co. Ltd." and moved to a larger production site at Chung-Kang Road, Taichung, to expand the capacity of manufacturing footwear adhesives including polychloroprene (PC), grafted PC, polyvinyl acetate (PA), epoxy adhesive, primers, hardenders, cleaner, and the related products.


Established "Plastics and Chemicals Division" at Ta Fa Industrial Park in Kaoshiung County, Taiwan, to enter into plastic and chemical business.


Successfully launched AS Resins through our own internal R&D effort.


Added two new products, ABS Resins and UV coating vanishing, for production at Koashiung Plan.


GRECO's powder coatings, roof mastics and caulks were introduced to the public.


Our first foreign subsidiary, Great Eastern Resins Philippines Industrial Company, was established to serve the Philippines market.

Great Eastern Resins Philippines Industrial Company


  • GRECO started to participate in dry film photoresist business marking our very first entry into electronic chemical services.
  • The company stocks were traded for the first time in public. GRECO‘s Employee Stock Purchasing Plan was initiated to benefit our employees.

Dry-film photoresist


Changed GRECO's internal structure by integrating several similar departments into single function-based group.


  • Initiated our Corporate Cultural Program and defined the Company and individual goal and commitment for all employees.
  • Mapped out corporate mission and management philosophy to direct and inspire all employees.


  • Implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) Program to promote quality consciousness and human resource utilization.
  • Inaugurated GRECO's Quality Policy and Achievement Programs for employees providing a comprehensive awarding program for the entire workforce.
  • Established Nanjing Great Eastern Resins Co., Ltd. to supply locally in Northern China.

Nanjing Great Eastern Resins Co., Ltd.


  • GRECO received "the National Top Ten Institution for Excellent Employee Training Program" Award and "National Top Ten Industrial Institution for Excellent Safety and Hygiene Programs" Award. Both awards are given by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Development in recognition of our efforts in both areas.
  • Completed the shaping of "The GRECO Shared Vision" with the participation and commitment from the entire staffs.
  • Corporate headquarter and major operation units were integrated and moved to 34 th Road, Taichung Industrial Park, the current Corporate site, to access more space and newer facilities.
  • GRECO successfully formulated and manufacured its own version of waterborn PU resins for environmentally benign PU adhesives for shoe industry.
  • Established Virain Great Eastern Co. Ltd. to be the financial and investment subsidiary of GRECO.
  • Established Shunde Great Eastern Resins Co., Ltd. to penetrate local business in Southern China.

Shunde Great Eastern Resins Co., Ltd.

The eighth, ninth "Race Bronze Tower Award"


  • Established DardanChem SDN BHD Malaysia to handle business operations in Malaysia.


  • GRECO's dry film photoresist products was awarded ISO 9002 Certification.
  • Formed a new joint venture company with Dupont in formation of Dupont Greco Co. LTD., to advance our international business strategy.
  • Reconstructed organizational chart into Product Line Structure. Consolidated each product line's production, sales, and research resources to strengthen the customer's service system
  • The R&D center adopted a matrix structure movement in correspondence to the customer's needs & environmental changes

Cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C to fulfill BS8800


  • Participated in development of high performance composite polymers with a joint research project with Alotex Polymer Alloy Co. Ltd.
  • Invested in Hong Kong Chueng-Cheng Co. Ltd. as a key network in accessing Chinese marketing information and opportunities.
  • Set BS8800 System in motion with the cooperation of ITRI to implement GRECO's own Occupational Safety & Health Program.
  • Started Process Safety Management (PSM) Program in cooperation with Dupont to safeguard our manufacturing process safety.


  • Announced September 13 th each year as Greco Industrial Safety Day.
  • Dry film production plant back on operation. Actively promoting open resource flow plan


  • ABS/AS Resins was awarded ISO 9002 Product Certification.
  • Founded Great Eastern Resins Industrial (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. to develop business opportunities in Vietnam.


  • Received ISO-9002 certification for GRECO's Adhesives and Powder Coating Products.
  • Established Great Eastern Hitech Material (Kunshan) Limited Co. to develop China market.


Received International Environmental Management ISO-14001 Certification for GRECO's Taichung Plant. In the meantime, we also were honorably awarded National Merit in Environmental Management.


  • In order to strengthen the company's competitive ability, established Employee Training Center.
  • Taichung plant was honored by Executive Yuan Labor Affairs as a Safety, Health, and Self-Protection Plant.
  • The Water-based PU resins received Group ll, Environmental Product certification honored by Environmental Protection Administration.
  • Adhesive, Powder Coating, Dry-film, and ABS/SAN Resins four major product lines received ISO9001:2000 certification.
  • Established"Great Eastern Resins Industrial(Dongguan)Company" to strengthen market share in China.

Great Eastern Resins Industrial(Dongguan)Company

TPU resins


  • Successfully developed TPU resins.
  • "Great Eastern Hitech Material(Kunshan)Limited Co." started operation.
  • "Dong Guan Great Eastern Resins Co., Ltd" started operation.


  • Mrged with Zhongshan Envopro Technology Ltd., and produced Hot melt adhesives and environmental protection adhesives to enrich product portfolio.
  • Received OHSAS18001:1999 and ISO14001:2004 certification at Taichung plant.
  • According to a market research from IAL, a well-known British market consultant, Great Eastern was the most established footwear adhesive supplier in China.
  • Acquired "Industrial Excellence Award" from Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan.
  • Awarded by Taichung City Government as a company which performs excellently in industrial waste reduction, recycling, and reusing.
  • TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) department was certificated by ISO9001 Quality Management System.
  • Cooperated with Tunghai University to establish a "50 Elites Training Program" project.
  • Established second production line for water-based PU adhesives.
  • Celebrated the 50th anniversary


Kunshan plant was awarded "Advanced Enterprise for Production Safety."

Kunshan plant

"Elite Authority for Employing disabled workers" by Taichung City Government


  • Awarded as an outstanding institute that devoted in hiring physically and mentally challenged employees by Taichung City Government.
  • Certified by ISO14001:2004 at Kaohusiung Plant.
  • Acquired Gold Medallion Award of Taiwan TrainQuali System (TTQS).
  • Established Knowledge Management (KM).
  • Identified as graduate business institute by Bureau of Labor Affairs, Taichung for "the Labor connection, Lohas in Taichung ".
  • "Elite Authority for Employing disabled workers" by Taichung City Government
  • Kunshan plant was awarded "Certificate of High and New Technology Enterprise" by Jiangsu Science And Technology Department.
  • Kunshan plant, through the evaluation of the Kunshan Municipal Economic and Trade Commission and Environmental Protection Bureau, constantly devotes itself to the sanitary production. By continual accumulation of sanitary improvement and advancing technology, Kunshan plant elevates capacity utilization and reduces pollution emission to create higher social, economical, and environmental efficiency.


  • Identified as 2007 graduate service institute of "National Organization of Labor Safety and Health" by Council of Labor Affairs at Taichung plant.
  • Zhejiang Greco Eastern Resins CO., LTD. was successfully organized
  • Greco's R&D Innovation center was begun for construction in Taichung Precision Machinery R&D Industrial Park.
  • Certificated by OHSAS 18001 at Taichung and Kaohsiung plant.
  • Dongguan Great Eastern Resins CO., LTD. was awarded"Advanced Enterprise for Production Safety in 2008"by Shatian Town P.R.C.

The construction ceremony of research building


Greco HQ received a gold medal from the National Training Quality System TTQS, and became one of the benchmark units.


Greco HQ received a gold medal from the National Training Quality System TTQS, and became one of the benchmark units.

  • Greco New R&D center has established with the installation of both software and hardware facilities, and the integration of R&D resources to advance its overall R&D performance.
  • Greco HQ received a gold medal from the National Training Quality System TTQS, and became one of the benchmark units.
  • Dupont audited safe management among its 50 contracted vendors on Sep 14th 2010. As the result, GRECO of Taiwan scored No.1 and Kunshan Greco (Great Eastern Hi Tech Material) rated in the second place. Indeed, the achievement is remarkable. Chairman of GRECO is here to share the honor and encourages GRECO staffs to work hard continually towards even better secure performance.
  • 2010 adidas FACT Division 1 Certificate
  • Dong Guan Greco received” the advance in social guarantees of job injury over the years”from Dong Guan Social Security Shatin Sub-Bureau.
  • Awards that Zhejiang Greco received in 2009, including "Safeness Enterprise", “advanced in Fire Equipments"," enterprise with safety standardization "," first grade of precursor chemicals Management Unit "," gold medal chemical suppliers in Wenzhou footwear industry”, “advanced in safety production"," advanced in environmental protection”, “occupational health model enterprise", "China footwear material quality assurance suppliers."


Adidas 2011FACT Division 1 Certificate


  • Zhejiang Greco received “2010 First Grade of management units in precursor chemicals “from Narcotics Control Commission.
  • Kunshan Greco received " first division enterprise in law and order to prevent a dangerous goods” from Suzhou Public Security Bureau.
  • 2011 adidas FACT Division 1 Certificate


  • Vietnam Greco was rated the Blue in Label Nike Water Program,, with the best score (5/5) (2012-6)
  • Greco HQ received the score of 91.7/100 in Nike supplier audit program. (2012-8-10 to obtain)
  • Dong guan Greco received “2011 injury prevention Outstanding Unit Award” from IESS.
  • Acquisition adidas 2011FACT Division 1 Certificate
  • Great Eastern Hi Tech Material was recognized by OHSAS18001.
  • Great Eastern Hi Tech Material was awarded “2012 Safety production Industry ” by Kunshan City Government.
  • Great Eastern Hi Tech Material was awarded “ 2012 Contract and Keeping Promises Enterprises Certification” by Kunshan City Government.
  • Shunde Great Eastern Resins Co., LTD. was awarded “ Harmony Labor Relationship Enterprises” by Shunde Federation of Trade Unions.

The Chairman,Mr.Jerry Liao, be honored with the Excellent Leadership Award


  • GRECO Shunde passed the TUV examining certificate for Adidas TLSP.
  • GRECO received the Dedication Award for Clothes and Footwear Industry which was given by Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association.
  • GRECO obtained the 2014 Taichung Corporate Volunteer Distinguishing Award.


  • P.T. Great Eastern Resins Industrial, Indonesia. was recognized by ISO9001:2008
  • Great Eastern Chemical Ltd was recognized “T2 Laboratory Setup Program” by TUV.
  • The Chairman, Mr. Jerry Liao, be honored with the Excellent Leadership Award in the 2013 Taiwan Chemical Technology Industry Elite Award and Product Innovation Award.

The 2014 Taichung Corporate Volunteer Distinguishing Award


  • GRECO in Kunshan received the “Jiangsu Technology Medium and Small Enterprise” award, presented by the Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, Jiangsu Province.
  • Specialized chemical products received the International quality management system ISO9001:2008 certification.
  • The precision and technology plant also received the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS) certification.

2016 National Occupational Safety and Health Award


Honorably received the Enterprise Benchmarking Award of the “National Occupational Safety and Health Award” by the Ministry of Labor.


  • Great Eastern Hi Tech Material received Suzhou level 2 work safety standardization certificate.
  • Great Eastern Resins Industrial (VN) obtained medal of excellent enterprise for carring employee in Tỉnh Bình Dương, 2017.
  • Great Eastern Resins Industrial (VN) passed ISO 9001: 2015 edition of the International Quality Management System、ISO 14001: 2015 edition of the International Environmental Management System.
  • Established Great Eastern Hi Tech Material (ZHUHAI) to expand dry film capacity for the growing market in China.
  • The initiation of SAP ERP.

D-U-N-S® Registered™


  • Received the "Healthy Workplace Certification - Health Promotion Mark" from the National Health Service of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Passed Adidas automated waterborne certification and waterborne boost agent certification.
  • Taichung Plant, Kaohsiung Plant, Shunde Great Eastern Resins and Dongguan Great Eastern Resins passed ISO 9001: 2015 edition of the International Quality Management System.
  • Taichung Plant, Kaohsiung Plant, Shunde Great Eastern Resins and Dongguan Great Eastern Resins passed ISO 14001: 2015 edition of the International Environmental Management System.


  • Shunde Great Eastern Resins was awarded the “Foshan Million-hour Zero Accident Enterprise.
  • Great Eastern Resins Industrial (VN) founded a Vietnam Han phong branch to meet the growing Vietnamese market.
  • P.T. Great Eastern Resins Industrial, Indonesia passed ISO 14001: 2015 edition of the International Environment Management System.
  • Main four product line: Adhesive, Dry-film, TPU Resins and Specialized Chemical products received ISO 9001:2015 certification.