• Action.Creativity

      You are the reason that our company blooms

      2016 All staff consensus event

      At GRECO, everything has occurred very naturally. 61 years ago, we sought out to create a company surrounded by peace, joy, and happiness.

      2016 is a new start. And as we look back at the past 60 years, we reflect on all that we have achieved, and used that knowledge to move forward into the future.

    • Blooming class

      “2016 is a new beginning for us, and it is important to pass on all that we have learned from the last 60 years, thereby ensuring a joyful outlook for everyone. We will pass on our 60 years of thankfulness, and a sharing attitude. This will continue the spirit of “thankfulness, initiative, and blessings”. Content: Director sharing the “Process of growth and journey of Shanxi traveler plan, joy of creation and pipe organ story”.

    • Seeing a light at the end of the road

      “No matter how far the mountain is, how long the road is, as long as there is love, there is hope and there is light”. GRECO is a big family. Every member is important, and everyone is able to pass on and share their experiences to ensure a bright future. You are the light of GRECO.

    • You are the reason for making everything bloom

      “Togetherness” is the best way to create thankfulness, and it starts with the art of paper cutting. “Paper cutting” allows everyone to cut out what they are thankful for or blessing they have, and to share their heart. With hands-on creation, one can realize his or her own innovative and creative power, and prove that creation is also a demonstration of innovation.

      At the end of the paper cutting, A-Kuei interacts with the students allowing everyone to understand that “as long as one is willing to work hard, their wishes will come true”.