Career-Human Resource Requirements

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Before improving quality, it is necessary to enhance the quality of the manpower. Currently, at GRECO, 5% of the employees have Doctorate degrees, 21% have Master degrees, and 32% of the employees have college degrees or above. Greco invest millions of dollars every year into education and training to build expertise, technology, enhance experience transmission pipeline, and cultivate the necessary professional personnel.

Training outcomes have also received external recognitions. GRECO was awarded as the top 10 national human resource training excellence unit by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the gold medal for national training quality system TTQS corporate institute section, also GRECO has received recognition for the “role-model unit”.



We welcome talents like you to join the GRECO family and to help create a greater future together!

  • For the latest job openings, please refer to 104 Job Bank.
  • Job Applications :please go to the 104 Job Bank to send resumes with autobiography or email it directly to Miss Zheng, Human Resources recruitment specialist, ( .
  • If currently job openings are not suitable for you, you’re also welcomed to send your resume and CV any time. We would immediately invite you to interview if we have appropriate openings.