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Eco-Friendly TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Resins


Control by computer automated process during the whole production


TPU resin, Thermoplastic polyurethane possesses the high toughness, mechanical strength, bio-compatibility, and resistance against oil, chemical, hydrolysis, and bacteria. It is perfectly suitable for injection, extrusion, blow film, and other sporting footwear application. ISOTHANE, TPU Resins Series are applied to EU chemicals policy (REACH regulation).



GRECO TPU resins are high quality environmental friendly materials and available in a wide range of hardnesses in polyester and polyether-based formulations. They deliver superior performance with improved environmental footprint versus traditional materials. These Thermoplastic Polyurethane resins can be injection, extrusion and blow molded. Need any help or more detail, please contact GRECO service team without hesitation.