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  • Adhesive and Relative Adjuvant

    Adhesive and Relative Adjuvant

    We offer diverse products capable of satisfying the adhesion needs of various companies and industries. To reduce the pollution of organic solvents to the environment, we have developed a series of water-based/environmental friendly adhesives, e.g. water-based PU adhesives, water-based vulcanized adhesives, water-based CR adhesives, PUR for the shoe-making, leather and adhesion businesses. The manufacturing process adopts automatic production, and the controls of amount measurement, materials feeding and temperature controls are all performed by the computers.

  • Plastic Raw Materials

    Plastic Raw Materials

    TPU resins are a high quality environmentally friendly material with abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and resistance to low temperature curves properties. Control by computer automated process during the whole production, with twin-screw coagulating extruders to produce high performance plastic materials. Quality is preserved through precision testing instruments.

  • Dry Film Photoresist

    Dry Film Photoresist

    Class 1000 clean room to Guarantee that the Workplace and Manufacturing Process Is Strictly Controlled and Monitored. GRECO has already focused on the improvement of manufacturing technology for a long time, and cooperated with DuPont to strategically develop various dry film photo resists for different manufacturing process. Our dry film product line acquires certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and TOSHMS.

  • Specialty Chemicals

    Specialty Chemicals

    To cope with the changes in the industry. Our research and development team has focused a lot on the core technologies for extension adhesion, high polymer processing, UV curing, thin film coating, resin synthesis, etc. This has allowed us to develop and research special materials and chemicals for green energy, electronics, optoelectronics, medical industries, etc.