Gan-Lin Social Welfare Foundation. meal delivery event

Since 2009, GRECO has cooperated with Gan-Lin Social Welfare Foundation, which works diligently to provide the elderly with meal delivery services. Depending on the physical condition of each elderly person, it provides rice along with the appropriate main and side dishes; they also pay attention to meal portions and food softness. By offering a meal delivery service, they can go directly to an elderly person’s room, understand the activities of their daily lives and provide care for them, treating the elderly as their own family members. We are touched, and highly respect Gan-Lin Social Welfare Foundation’s care and devotion to the elderly. GRECO and Chih Mao Welfare and Charity Foundation not only sponsor the delivery vehicles, but also encourage our staff to participate in the yearly Gan-Lin Bicycle Delivery Event. Through this event, we experience firsthand the effort required in making deliveries and develop greater care for the elderly.