2016 Vietnam International Shoes & Leather Exhibition 2016-10-06

This year, there wasn’t an empty booth in sight! This year's exhibition area, the number of exhibitors, and exhibitors from all countries and regions also broke recode highs! The exhibition area was increased by 20% from last year, expanding to 12,000 square meters with a total of 500 participating companies from 27 countries and regions.
GRECO showcased new products including water-based liquid type PU adhesive for shoes, water-based PU adhesive, water-based CR adhesive, water-based NR adhesive, and solvent-based series of adhesives with a wide range of applications as well as various special specification TPU resins, such as rolling grade TPU resin, moisture-permeable waterproof specifications, high transparency level specifications, etc. Our great range of products attracted an impressive number of customers to our booth.


This exhibition is a professional exhibition for the shoe industry in Vietnam, which can be described as follows: In the global shoe industry, Vietnam is ranked third largest in the world, and from this exhibition, two aspects can be observed: Firstly, the Vietnamese market attracts a lot of foreign investors. Foreign invested corporations are the main industrial operators in Vietnam. Among the large shoe making companies, approximately 70% are joint venture companies or solely foreign invested companies. Sports shoes are mainly manufactured by foreign companies, with the production amount accounting for 94.4%.They are mainly concentrated in Tien Giang Province (50%), Dong Nai Province (30%) and Long An Province (5%). All together, there are companies from 27 countries participating and looking forward to expanding their popularity in the Vietnam market. Second is the improved development of the shoe industry in Vietnam. With the integration of intelligence and application as the trend, the traditional concept of labor-intensive shoe making is gone. Instead, the industry heads toward technology and knowledge concentrated sectors along with the emphasis on the concept of intelligent industry 4.0 shoe factories. Also asking the questions - Which parts can be simplified? And which parts can be automated? As a supplier of adhesive and TPU for shoe makers, we work towards a trend of innovative research and development as well as professional services, which will also serve as our advantages in the Vietnam market in the future.


GRECO has been stationed in Vietnam for 17 years. Thanks to the efforts of the Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and local staff, the majority of the foreign invested companies visiting the exhibition recognize GRECO, and most of the existing customers affirm the technology and services of GRECO. Through this exhibition, we communicate with each other to further improve our products. We also hope that potential customers learn about us locally in Vietnam. This will improve our corporate image and brand popularity. In addition, we seek to increase interaction and communications with our existing customers and distributors, further improving our relationship!