2015 Foundation evaluation of excellence

The foundation participated in the Taichung City 2015 (2012-2014) social welfare and charity business foundation evaluation and was awarded the excellence medal.
The Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City announced r that in the evaluation results of 2015 social welfare and charity business foundation, that this foundation again received the excellence medal. The president also attended the ceremony to receive the award held on February 19.
The evaluation committee members gave high ratings to this foundation, noting that the staff member of this foundation are all corporate volunteers, and even with time restraints and limited manpower, the corporate volunteers acting as the foundation staff were still able to maintain excellent operations in its affairs, business and finance along with careful reviews on all subsidy solutions and processes. In addition, GRECO provided two days of paid-holidays to volunteer staff who participated in the volunteer services. This has also made them one of the first in the industry to provide paid-holidays to its volunteers, and they will receive recognition for this.