Learning Research


Learning, innovation, customer service, and R&D are GRECO’s consistent spirits.To implement the policy of product diversification, GRECO is upgrading the quality of R&D equipment and personnel, and leveraging our investment to actively develop new products.





GRECO is Taiwan’s first shoe adhesive manufacturer. Since its establishment, the company has strived to improve their innovations with continuous research and development, and with its key product technologies, it has always been a leading brand in the industry. With the spirit of continued innovation and improvement, along with a diverse range of operations, the company continues to expand its product lines, and currently has four main product lines. GRECO prides itself as a pioneer in green technology, and will continue to promote green products with improvements in environmental friendliness and safety.


Adhesive products::

Products of yesteryear range from CR adhesives, CR grafted adhesives, solvent-based PU adhesive, water-based primer, hardener and latex, to today’s environmentally friendly water-based adhesive series, such as water-based PU adhesive, water-based CR adhesive, water-based NR adhesive, water-based primer, hot-melt polyurethane adhesive, etc.


Plastic raw material products:

In the beginning, our product range was manufactured with AS and ABS plastics, where as today, we use TPU resin, which is a very environmentally friendly material with abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and resistance to low temperature curves properties.


Dry film photoresist products:

In light of the global trend towards the development of high precision and compact electronic communication products, dry-film photoresist is a key material with regards to electronic and communication products. The company has also engaged in strategic cooperation with U.S. DuPont to develop various products, especially for manufacturing process-specific quality products.


Special chemical products:

To cope with the changes in the industry, our research and development team has focused a lot on the core technologies for extension adhesion, high polymer processing, UV curing, thin film coating, resin synthesis, etc. This has allowed us to develop and research special materials and chemicals for green energy, electronics, optoelectronics, medical industries, etc.


GRECO is dedicated to creating products that are environmentally friendly, as well as ensuring a safe working environment for its employees.

Innate Production technology

In the concept of self-developed process, our achievement is resulted from independent engineering technology, including blue map of main frame, detailed design, and factory established. Our brand new production line is gradually operated. Our enterprise principle is constantly improvement and process simplification to achieve energy-saving, safety, and efficiency.

Research Development Facilities

In addition to the automatic systems of dispersal process monitor, mechanical arms, and automatic warehouse, gelatinize equipment of dry-film photoresist process and twin screw extrusion machine of plastic & chemical process are all cutting-edge technology, representing the effort which GRECO is toward Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).