CSR-Quality & Service

Customer satisfaction is always our priority


Best quality, high technology, and excellent services are always located in our entrepreneurship. From this concept, we established our quality policy as understanding customer requirements to provide the best products, enhance process controls to assure product quality, and improve quality management by applying the PDCA methodology. The whole concept is not only to make sure that we can base on our R&D technology and excellent production procedure to meet customer’s needs, but also build up mutual benefit for both customers and us.

Under the current ISO9001:2008 quality management program, our production process and product quality has been examined carefully

These living mottos are the guiding principles for GRECO’s quality effort. It implies that our R&D projects have been primarily focused on development of products that our customers need. In the meantime, once products have been identified and developed, our production plants will implement a stringent process control to ensure the manufactured products meeting the pre-set specifications. Moreover, we will utilize PDCA management methodology to monitor and refine the product quality continuously based on analytical results and sound fundamental theory. These activities not only will prevent any production problems or product defects, if any, from recurring but also will meet our ultimate goal of serving our customer.

All our employees are working together tirelessly in their respective capacities to provide our customers with high quality products and services through our far-reaching sale office networks. If you have any question for product's quality, please contact us.

  • 01


    • Understand individual needs Analysis
  • 02


    • Equipment
    • Cost reduction
    • Production process
  • 03


    • Testing
    • Forward favorable project
    • Conform to EU’s standard
    • Mutual cooperation
  • 04


    • Comprehensive training program
    • On-site service
    • Eco-friendly supplementary control
    • Best quality control from few to the mass production
    • Integrated supply network
    • Assign personnel for factory guidance on-site