Water-based shoe adhesives, leading the shoe industry toward green production

Water-based shoe adhesives, leading the shoe industry toward green production.

Some people said “a pair of good shoes can lead you toward a beautiful place”, but good shoes rely on quality adhesives.

In the trend of environmental protection, shoe manufacturing industry has the responsibility for consumers and producer's safety. Therefore, the water-based adhesives for shoes are more and more important. Greco has already developed less-polluting and water-based PU adhesive from 1995, not only leading the adhesive industry, but being authenticated by well-known branded shoe manufacturer as standard product for environmental protection, such as NIKE、PUMA、ADIDAS、REEBOK、ASICS and so on. Furthermore, Greco’s water-based PU is the first adhesive product in the country to acquire Green Mark ll from EPA, Taiwan (R.O.C). Greco has supported customers to apply water-based adhesion for 15 years, and provide professional consulting service to offer all round resolution.

Greco provides different water-based/ Eco series of shoes adhesives for many kinds of shoes.

  1. Water-based PU Adhesives – Suitable for many kinds of shoe’s stock fitting.
  2. Water-based CR Adhesives – Suitable for upper, folding, lining, lasting, and counter. (especially for soccer shoes, racing shoes )
  3. Water-based Vulcanizing Adhesive – Suitable for every kind of canvas and vulcanizing shoes.
  4. Water-based Primer – Greco develops different primers for all kinds of materials, including PU, TPU, RB, Leather, TPR, Phylon, and special materials. After the surface treatment with primer, the adhesion will be better.
  5. Hardener – Greco self developed water-based hardener. The strength will be enhanced if the appropriate amount of hardener is added in adhesive.
  6. Hot Melt Adhesive of Eco-series – Suitable for folding, lining, lasting, upper, and insoles pad. Greco is constantly striving for advanced green product, and providing the safe, environmentally friendly, and high quality adhesives to the shoe manufacture industry.
  7. Vacuum Lamination Series - For hot press bonding between polyvinylchloride membrane and medium density fiberboard, e.g. computer desk, kitchen unit, and etc. Quality is stable and easy for spray coating. The activation temperature is moderate between 45 and 55 degree centigrade.

Regarding to the economic recession, Greco makes the quality and the safety first as the commitment, continually maintaining the product’s competitiveness and strengthening the customer relationships and services. Any request about shoes cement, just contact GRECO service team.


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