2016 All China Leather Exhibition 2016-10-06

The All China Leather Exhibition is the largest and most influential professional event with the greatest number of participating companies. It also acts as a demonstration platform for the China Leather Industry Association to promote industry developments, and strengthen contacts and communication with international leather industries. This will assist domestic leather companies to further expand their domestic and foreign market sales. The exhibition has a 10 year history, showcasing professional, international, and top brands, as well as diverse product types. The statistical data in recent years indicate that each year the “All China Leather Exhibition” is consistently able to attract more than 1000 companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. This ensures that the exhibited products and categories are diverse, covering an extremely wide range, including leather, synthetic leather, leather chemicals, machinery, and shoe materials and accessories. Each year, the exhibition is able to attract more than 30,000 professional buyers, including professionals in the domestic and international leather companies, buyers, traders, agents, distributors, and sellers from all over the world to visit the exhibition for procurement purposes. The industry recognizes this exhibition as the most important trading and business opportunity for Chinese leather companies.

At the exhibition, GRECO hopes that more potential buyers from China as well as from all over the world will get to the GRECO brand. We used an image that portrayed being fresh and environmentally friendly, along with colorful ball shapes (symbolizing chemical bonds and TPU resins). This illustrated the concept of the product blending into everyday living, as well as increasing the corporate image and brand popularity. In addition, we also hoped to increase communications with existing customers and distributors to further improve our relationships!


The environmentally friendly new products exhibited by GRECO include :

1. Environmentally friendly series of PU/NR/CR water-based resins, applicable for shoes, sports goods, and bonding industry purposes. It is of excellent quality, and has been certified by numerous international sports shoe brands.

2. To cope with the trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, GRECO launched the environmentally friendly rolling grade TPU and engineering grade TPU with long fiber specifications. Currently, for the bio-material series, the injection specifications, molding specifications, moisture-permeable waterproof specifications, and hot melt adhesive specifications have been launched.

The main products inquired by customers included: leather coating layer adhesive, leather adhesive, shoe adhesive, automobile interior water-based adhesive, TPU rolling material, and TPU resin. After the exhibition, we will continue to visit and maintain contact with customers. Our company looks forward to providing greater products and services to all relevant industries and will continue to develop green and environmentally friendly products in order to help protect the earth!

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